Friday, June 16, 2006

This is my type of girl

Originally uploaded by brilliant Z.

I love white girls dressed in black.
And since my mood could`ve been darker recently, I thought this would be a fitting image for today.
I feel so sad, depondent and helpless when it comes to my life here in Brazil and my coming back to the USA. Having to count on someone else to make your dreams come true can be pretty nerve-racking and frustrating to the point of tears.
I wish I knew when I`ll be back in New London, when I`ll see my baby Scotty again, and hug all the friends I left there again.
Its hard to keep a positive attitude when all you could`ve done was done and didn`t work out and all`s left is counting on other people`s efforts to make things happen. Things that you want to happen more than anything else in life.
Guess I need to sleep.

good night

love always

P.S: Thanks for taking this picture, BZ.


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