Sunday, June 11, 2006

The portrait takes to flight

The portrait takes to flight
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Hello everyone!
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my friend /neloqua, from Flickr. And today we`re doing it again. Going for another photowalk and spending the day taking beautiful pictures.

I was visiting friends on flickr when I came across this unique piece of art. This photo moved me for everything about it, but I think the look on the boy`s face made me shiver. This is feels totally italian and takes me back to Renaissance somehow. It`s like a picture struggling to free itself from the frame and becoming real. A little like Pinnochio. The boy`s pose is simply symmetrically astonishing, and he has gorgeous delicate feet that are the first ones to hurry out of the frame, ready to gain the world outside! The fact that we can`t seem if he is naked or not brings the image of Dyonisus at some young age. I don`t know what makes me think of these names, but this picture somehow evokes many names of the past and tales we all heard as kids. Magic is everywhere in this picture and it enchants me to the point of tears. If I were to behold this image for long enough, I`d prolly let them fall.

I love the experience of Flickr and how many wonderful photographers are out in force there. Photography has become my life and I love to benefit from other photographer`s creativity and inspiration.

Well, I have to go shower now and try to do something as unique as this picture. Hope to feel inspired to the bone!

See you!


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