Saturday, June 10, 2006

* Andrew *

* Andrew *
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This is a very special friend of mine, Andrew! We met a few months ago while he was in New London for a funeral! Surprisingly enough, he and I had a lot more fun than one would expect to have while at a funeral. He is a gorgeous man and a very smart one too.
I miss him a lot and hope to reconnect with him once I return to the USA. He lives in San Diego, CA and is someone I`ll never forget.

Today I spent a wonderful day in the company of a "celebrity" from Flickr, neloqua. We went to a beach here in Niteroi called Camboinhas and had a lot of fun. Then, after dark, we went to her place where she asked me to give her some tips on how to use her camera (She and I have the same camera, a Canon S2 IS). I helped her out with some project for her mom and later she drove me home.
Right now I am waiting for my boyfriend to call me and I hope to have some good news as to when I`ll finally be back in the States. I miss it so bad I can`t wait any longer.

Love and peace. See ya`ll later.



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