Friday, June 16, 2006

This is my type of girl

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I love white girls dressed in black.
And since my mood could`ve been darker recently, I thought this would be a fitting image for today.
I feel so sad, depondent and helpless when it comes to my life here in Brazil and my coming back to the USA. Having to count on someone else to make your dreams come true can be pretty nerve-racking and frustrating to the point of tears.
I wish I knew when I`ll be back in New London, when I`ll see my baby Scotty again, and hug all the friends I left there again.
Its hard to keep a positive attitude when all you could`ve done was done and didn`t work out and all`s left is counting on other people`s efforts to make things happen. Things that you want to happen more than anything else in life.
Guess I need to sleep.

good night

love always

P.S: Thanks for taking this picture, BZ.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Portraiture Experience

Portraiture Experience
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Today was such a blast!
This girl in the picture is called Lupita and we`ve been friends now for over 12 years. A few years ago she moved to Rio and I hadn`t seen her very often since then and recently, after a long time, we got together again. She came back into my life just at the right time when I was looking for models to pose for me. I always knew that as soon as I met with her again that she would be the perfect model. Indeed we took over a thousand pictures of which some 70% came out really good! I am so happy I saw her again. The guy is named Fernando and is a friend of hers who does acting and came as her personal make-up artist, so he did both their make ups winding up modeling for my lens too.
We are planning on getting together again soon. Lupita is watching Brazil play in the World Cup at his place and I got invited, so maybe we`ll meet again on Sunday. Hope so!
I am very tired and I am going to bed. I`ve been reading such a great book entitled "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and last night I stayed up until past 4am reading it. I`m only a few pages through the end of it and hopefully I`ll finish it tonight long before 4.
Wishing you all the best.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

The portrait takes to flight

The portrait takes to flight
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Hello everyone!
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my friend /neloqua, from Flickr. And today we`re doing it again. Going for another photowalk and spending the day taking beautiful pictures.

I was visiting friends on flickr when I came across this unique piece of art. This photo moved me for everything about it, but I think the look on the boy`s face made me shiver. This is feels totally italian and takes me back to Renaissance somehow. It`s like a picture struggling to free itself from the frame and becoming real. A little like Pinnochio. The boy`s pose is simply symmetrically astonishing, and he has gorgeous delicate feet that are the first ones to hurry out of the frame, ready to gain the world outside! The fact that we can`t seem if he is naked or not brings the image of Dyonisus at some young age. I don`t know what makes me think of these names, but this picture somehow evokes many names of the past and tales we all heard as kids. Magic is everywhere in this picture and it enchants me to the point of tears. If I were to behold this image for long enough, I`d prolly let them fall.

I love the experience of Flickr and how many wonderful photographers are out in force there. Photography has become my life and I love to benefit from other photographer`s creativity and inspiration.

Well, I have to go shower now and try to do something as unique as this picture. Hope to feel inspired to the bone!

See you!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

* Andrew *

* Andrew *
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This is a very special friend of mine, Andrew! We met a few months ago while he was in New London for a funeral! Surprisingly enough, he and I had a lot more fun than one would expect to have while at a funeral. He is a gorgeous man and a very smart one too.
I miss him a lot and hope to reconnect with him once I return to the USA. He lives in San Diego, CA and is someone I`ll never forget.

Today I spent a wonderful day in the company of a "celebrity" from Flickr, neloqua. We went to a beach here in Niteroi called Camboinhas and had a lot of fun. Then, after dark, we went to her place where she asked me to give her some tips on how to use her camera (She and I have the same camera, a Canon S2 IS). I helped her out with some project for her mom and later she drove me home.
Right now I am waiting for my boyfriend to call me and I hope to have some good news as to when I`ll finally be back in the States. I miss it so bad I can`t wait any longer.

Love and peace. See ya`ll later.